Basalt Crushing Technics for Highway

In the highway asphalt concrete road surface, both SMA and Super pave technology assign high requirement of the shape and rank of aggregate. Especially to the content needle plate type in the basalt, the formerimpact crusher processing chart cannot meet the requirement any longer. Therefore, our company put up the newest crushing and screening processing chart-VSIX series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher to meet the need. The high-quality aggregate produced by this production line was widely used in SMA road surface of many highways.
The features of the processing
1. The quality of the product is very high. Content of needle plate type is no more than 5%. A diabase mine in Africa, once adopted Jaw crusher-impact crusher. But content of needle plate type is more than 10%, resulting the bad sell of its product. After using VSIX series vertical shaft impact crushers, the content of needle plate type in the product is reduced to 4.7%.
2. The production improves 50% compared with utilizing impact crusher as the final processing of crushing.
3. Because we utilize impact crusher as the secondary crusher, and vertical shaft impact crusher consumes little metal, the consumption of wear-parts reduced largely in the whole processing.

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