What factors will effect the capacity of the crusher?

 The capacity of crusher means the quantity of crushed stone.The unit is t/h
There are many factors that affect the capacity of Crusher.
1.The hardness of raw materials. If the hardness is high, it is more difficult to break up. it will also cause wearable on the equipment more seriously.
2. The humidity of materials,that is,if the raw materials contain water higher,the materials will easily adhere onto the crusher, easily plug when the course of the materials being conveyed.
3. Output size.Output size is smaller, the capacity is lower.
4. The composition of material. If there is much powder in the raw material, it may reduce down the capacity. Because the powder will be easily to adhere. The content of powder should be screened before crushing.
5. The viscosity of materials. That is, the larger viscosity, it is easier to be adhesion.
6. The quality of quick wear parts (such as hammer,jaw plate). If the quick wear parts has no good wearlessness, it will reduce down capacity.


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